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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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oakland's deal to stave off a federal takeover of its police department is bringing years of legal battles to a sudden end.
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what this means for the department going forward >> reporter: in a stunner, oakland mayor and police chief announcing the police force will not be subject to a federal court achievership. >> reporter: this means the department will for now avoid federal intervention. instead, all sides have agreed to appoint a compliance director to ensure the remaining reforms left on the check list from the rider's lawsuit are completed. >> it is not final until the judge rules. we're optimistic because we've all signed in and agreed. >> reporter: the chief's
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october recommendations to reprimand some officer for thes their actions -- for their actions during "occupy oakland" protests are just one thing they point to in proving the department can police itself. the difference between a compliance director and a receivership is that the police department will be working with the feds and not for them. >> we have an opportunity to nominate people for that position, and the fact we're working together with all the stakeholders to make the department better is a lot better than the alternative, which is no say in the future department. >> reporter: mayor quan says that she was confident all along that a deal would be reached. the next step is to appoint a compliance director, all sides saying they hope that happens shortly. then a judge will review this process next december to see if any progress has been made.
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the storms are over! but dense fog is moving into the bay area. and it is expected to get worse: let's take a quick look at our live cameras outside now. you can see the golden gate with a bit of the fog rolling in there. and a live picture from the bay bridge, no problems there. i'm with jacqueline bennett in the weather center. what can we expect tomorrow and the weekend? >> tomorrow we are going to be seeing areas of dense fog thanks to the storm that pushed through this morning. the rain is all gone. but we're going to be seeing that fog forming locally in some spots because of the rains this morning, the moisture on the ground. this is a live look outside from the golden gate bridge where visibility be is slightly reduced. 2 miles of visibility at half moon bay, same thing in santa rosa. we're going to see this get worse
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through the overnight hours leading to delays at sfo into tomorrow morning. and we go live to jeff bush now who's out there with more on the flight delays. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with the airport duty manager, and she just told me we're experiencing delays here at sfo of 30-90 minutes. and you can see that about half of all arrivals are affected. and that is the arrivals that are mostly affected. the reason that this happens is because when the fog comes around, they have to slow down the traffic of the airplanes. so they basically reduce about half of the arrivals to make it safe. jeff bush, live at sfo, kron4 news. one family on san francisco's russian hill was startled awake when a 45-ton
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cypress tree uprooted and fell, crashing into their home. >> well, what happened was, at first it was just a huge explosion, and i thought it was an earthquake. and so i said it's okay! it was just an earthquake. and my son was in his room, and he ran in to get underneath the doorway, i said everything's okay. and thousand i came back into the -- then i came back into where my husband was sleeping, and i realized the tree had fallen on the house. and i saw there was at 1.1 branch sticking out. so i said you better move! >> a 75-ton crane had to be brought in to begin removing the tree from the house. we will
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have an update on the massive sink hole in lafayette coming up. san francisco police broke up part of a multimillion auto burglary operation. the stolen items included 100 cellphones, more than 75 laptops, jewelry, and $32,000 in cash. officers believe this ring is a small part of a large operation still going on in san francisco and other places in the bay area. the police chief has a message. >> be careful what you leave in plain view in your vehicles. and obviously there is a secondary market for electronic devices. they're easily sold. they're removeable commodities, and they're very portable. >> police arrested three suspects, brothers henry and victor gamboa. two are still in
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jail. all three are in their early 20s. cellphone robberies have spiked in san francisco. how the thieves target thr victims coming up -- their victims coming up. napa county sheriffs are searching for an 85-year-old man described as at-risk. norman whose picture you see suffers from dementia. he has silver white hair, 5'10", he was driving a silver-colored town and country suv. he was last seen turning toward silverado trail in napa. six bay area contractors were caught up in a state-wide fraud sting, a total of 100 unlicensed contractors were involved. the sting targeted those working without a proper license in work such as painting, flooring, and
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landscaping. the unlicensed contractors were from sonoma county, arrest, and face misdemeanor charges. the approximately is up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $5,000. jazz legend dave brubeck has passed away. how his lifelong work broke racial barriers. and an update on the sink hole in lafayette. >> later in this broadcast, warriors on the road! cal has a new football coach, and hey! how about those john gruden rumors?
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>> dave brubeck died of a heart attack today, one day perfect his 92nd birthday. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> the pianist and composer was born here in the bay area in
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concord. brubeck became known for exotic and challenging pieces such as "take five." he broke racial barriers playing in black clubs in the 1950s.
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one san francisco
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supervisor is now concerned about the spike in cellphone and tablet thefts in the city. half of the 2,300 robberies committed so far this year involve mobile and tablet devices. reggie kumar says police want people to be aware. >> reporter: a crime of opportunity on this muni bus caught on camera. the victim has her head down and has no idea she's being watched while using her cellphone. when the bus stops, the alleged robber quickly grabs the phone, walks out the door, leaving the victim wondering what just happened. the same crime captured by a camera on another bus. this robber is in the black jacket stand big the backdoor, watching this woman talk on her phone. as soon as the bus stops, the doors open, and the suspect walks up, grabs the phone from the victim's ear, and runs out the door. and a camera inside a taxicab recorded this theft. the alleged robber sees the
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unsuspecting victim walking down a stran street talking -- san francisco streak talking on her phone. the suspect walks up and violently grabs the phone from the victim's ear. he gets away with her phone. san francisco police officer carlos. >> we don't want you to chase she's suspects don't. >> reporter: on tuesday, scott wiener said these are a problem that must be addressed. he will call for a meeting for the public safety committee. the rain has finally pushed through this evening. but we did see rain in a couple
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locations, red wood city about 2 inches of rain. and half an inch in livermore. now we are seeing drier conditions. the rain pushes down to the south and the east. even seeing some clearing skies out there. we are going to be seeing fog through the overnight hours. areas of dense fog, actually, and that is going to lead to drizzle in some locations as well. into the afternoon we will see careering, temperatures are going to -- clearing, temperatures will stay cool tomorrow, but they'll warm up into the weekend with drier weather on tap. tomorrow morning, 40s and 50s around the bay area. 53 for san francisco, upper 40s for the inland valleys and low 50s in the south bay. for the afternoon, low 60s, 62 in palo alto and san jose. low 60s for the inland valleys and the east bay shores with the
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exception of alameda at 59. 58 in san francisco and upper 50s for the north bay. a look at your extended forecast and dense fog out there tomorrow morning. afternoon sunshine into friday, saturday, sunday , temperatures are going to warm slightly. more sunshine is expected into sunday and early next week. temperatures staying about average for this time of year. a sink hole in the east bay is larger than when it first lapsed in lafayette. a storm crane under the road failed, opening this enormous hole. the road could be closed for the entire winter as crews plan to replace the drain. crews are focused on creating a temporary fix before matters get worse. >> reporter: this operation to deal with this sink hole is still very much a top priority
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with crews working overtime. this exposed water is what is concerning so many out here, that is the creek's banks with all of this loose soil. officials fear that the soil could erode and go into the water, and that could push it up and possibly lead to flooding of nearby homes, especially when another storm hits. here's what they're trying to do to prevent that. this crew has widened the sink hole so that this support fabric can be placed on the side, and heavy boulders will be put on top of the fabric. 40 tons of rock are already in the creek. 40 more were dumped wednesday. am and in the next few days, 20 more will be brought in. this is the old storm drain. another crew is breaking it down so it can be hauled off. city officials are hunting for a new drain to replace the old one.
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drivers along the golden gate bridge will soon get an extra wall of protection in the middle of that roadway. the proposed moveable median barrier is expected to prevent head-on collisions like the one that occurred this morning. this is video from sky7 hd abc 7 news. the driver of a lexus traveling southbound plowed into a volkswagen traveling in the opposite direction. the barrier project is estimated to cost more than $26 million and should be complete by 2014. police arrested an albany man after he crashed a car into a berkeley liquor store yesterday. he is in custody on suspicion of felony hit and run. this all happened on san pablo avenue. he's cavalier slammed into the store, damaging the front area, and injuring one person inside.
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police say drugs and alcohol do not appear to have played a role in the accident. the former commander of the central contra costa county narcotics team is facing up to 17 years in prison. norman welsh pleaded guilty today to stealing drugs from evidence lockers and trying to sell them on the streets. he will be sentenced in february. welsh and private investigator christopher butler were indicted for stealing drugs, operating a brothel, and conducting phony sting operations to catch prostitutes. these two people were arrested for luring a repair man to their home where the 2-beat and held the repair man against his will for several hours. he managed to escape when the two
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suspects stopped for gas and snacks. both are being charged with kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats and conspiracy. the raiders respond to the rumors that jon gruden could be returning to the silver and black. and cal has a new football coach.
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good evening, everybody! cal's new football coach will be
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formally introduced tomorrow at 2:00 pm. his name is sonny dykes. spent the last three seasons at louisiana tech, led the national in scoring and total offense. his team finished 9-3, losing to san jose state in their final contest. not going to a bowl game this year. does have pac-10 lynnineage. there he is. 43 years of age. has a couple of daughters. lubbock texas is his home. sonny dykes is now the head coach at cal. barry alvarez will coach wisconsin against stanford new year's day at the rose bowl. i'm smiling because brett balima, they just told him forget it. here is his introductory conference. and rightfully so.
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barry alvarez says i'll coach! he's the athletic director. he led the badgers to three rose bowl wins during his stance. dennis allen after being back in texas for the final days of his late father's life, he has returned to the bay area for his team's final game with denver. jon gruden coming back to take over the raiders? it was out there on the internet, back and forth. and believe what you want. but trust me, there's always a core where these story come out. gruden has always loved to see his name associated with various jobs. he did very little from this position to stop it. but there it is. mark davis, reggie mckenzie wanted me to communicate that this rumor has
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no validity whatsoever. that's something i don't worry about. i'm here to play football. i don't pay attention to what the media is writing or what people are saying. i'm here to go and perform on sunday. >> he's done a great job getting out of trouble and extending plays. >> 1:00 versus miami on sunday. the following week, on the road in new england. warriors off on an 11-7 start. stefan curry, first warrior to have 4 straight 20-point 10-assist games. here he's setting up thompson. 104-97. big story tonight in the
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nba, kobe bryant, the fastest player to reach 30,000 points. will chamberlain held the honor until tonight. youngest to get to 30,000 points at age 34. it's kobe then wilkes, then carl malone. kareem got there 4th, and jordan 5th. with all this noise about lebron, people forget, man, that bryant's good. >> absolutely. [ laughter ]
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